The Trifecta Kit™ for Lean Muscle Gains

Feb 28 2016

You’ve been thinking about starting a prohormone cycle. You want to make lean muscle gains, or maybe you’re aiming for maximum fat loss. Yet, you have no idea where to start, or even if it’s a good idea at all? This is what goes through the minds of many guys when they look in to beginning a cycle. There can be a lot of information to take in, and most of the time planning a pro-hormone cycle can be so complicated that it puts the beginner off.

Enter, the LG Sciences’ Trifecta Andro kit; the perfect combination of pro-hormones and PCT to help anyone reach their goals.

So, what’s so special about the Trifecta kit?

Where do we start? We could start with the fact, that this kit contains one of the best wet prohormones on the market. Not only that, but this particular product, M1D Andro, also contains an anti-estrogen. Therefore there’s no need to worry about getting gyno, or any other estrogen related side effect.

Or start with, the fact that the Trifecta kit includes another powerful pro-hormone; Epi-Andro. Famed for the increased aggression and focus it can give you while hitting those weights in the gym.

Then again, we could start with another product in this kit, Form-XT. The Post cycle Therapy product will get your hormone levels balanced in no time. Helping you to retain, even gain muscle and strength once the pro-hormone cycle has finished.

Ok, I guess we started with all three of those points! But there’s more.

Not only do these products help you achieve excellent results, they do it completely risk free.  What does that mean? It means, unlike many other pro-hormones on the market, this kit, and all other LG Sciences’ products, are non-toxic to the liver. Also, unlike steroids and most prohormones they are 100% legal!

So, not only do you make steroid like gains; using this kit is legal, and safe. It doesn’t get any better, especially for the beginner.

Ok, so let’s talk about goals.

Whether you are cutting, or bulking, this kit will be beneficial to you. As mentioned earlier, it contains M1D Andro. This pro-hormone is one of the best muscle mass building supplements around, it will help you put on massive amounts of muscle when bulking, or lean muscle mass, when cutting.

Now, being a wet pro-hormone, I’m sure many of you have heard about the side effect associated with these compounds; Gyno, or man boobs, as its better known. But don’t freak out. Man boobs are formed when estrogen in the body gets too high, obviously as a guy we don’t want this! M1D Andro contains a powerful anti-estrogen which will keep the estrogen levels normal, and prevent related side effects.

Again, whether you’re cutting or bulking, the second product in the kit, Epi-Andro, will help you. Epi-Andro will increase your aggression in the gym. This may sound like the infamous ‘roid-rage’, however, when combined with the increased focus that this product gives you, the aggression will be directed towards lifting heavy iron; leaving you exhausted but relaxed after the session is over.

Last but certainly not least, and possibly the most important part of any pro-hormone cycle, is the PCT product; Form-XT. This powerful testosterone booster and anti estrogen will help your body regain its natural testosterone and estrogen levels after the pro-hormone cycle is complete. Without this there is a possibility that the gains made from the cycle would be lost. However this product is so good that you may even gain muscle while you are on it, even after you’ve stopped taking the pro-hormones!

So there we have it, an entry point, and possibly all you’ll ever need, to get started with pro-hormones. Now it’s time to tune in your diet, optimize your training, and start using this kit to really start making some gains!

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